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Influencer Marketing Company in Trivandrum, Influencer marketing is when a brand collaborates with an online influencer to create awareness or market its products or services. Surveys say that Influencer Marketing is now the most important tool of marketing globally.

There are many reasons, why brands or marketing agencies bank heavily on influencer marketing and use it as an integral part of their marketing campaign. There are many specialist Influencer marketing agencies such as ourselves, who help brands identify influencers who are a good fit for the brand, planning, and executing marketing campaigns using influencers. The majority of influencer campaigns are aimed at creating awareness about the brand and opinion building rather than focusing on direct sales.


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Influencer Marketing Company in Trivandrum

Influencers can be anyone, and they could be anywhere. What makes them influential is their ‘influence’ on the target market. They usually have large followings on the web and social media. Influencer marketing can be done through multiple platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, among others, No 1 Influencer Marketing Company in Trivandrum.

It is important that the persona of the influencer aligns with what the brand stands for. That is when you get the best results. Influencer campaigns are expected to bring 3 main results for the brands.

  • Creating awareness and brand recognition.
  • Increase the sales volume as a by-product of the influencer’s influence.
  • Create good content for social media.

Influencers can bring the best results when he/she is

1.Genuine and knowledgeable about the brand, its uses, and benefits – Even though influencers endorse the brand, customers like to make the buying decision based on how the influencer showcases/introduces the brand and the genuineness of the campaign.

2.Able to create good quality social media content – The social media content of the influencer must be unique, interesting, and have the ability to engage the followers and get them to act. They must have their individual perspective about what they are sharing on social media.

3.Create and manage a growing community – The success of influencer marketing depends on the bond between the influencer and the follower. Creating genuine engagement, having fun events, and giving value and information to the followers are all ways by which this bond can be strengthened.

4.Honest – The influencer, through the campaign, is representing the brand. In the long run, it is best for the brand and the influencer if the sponsored content is honest. Transparency of all information and fair product reviews helps build this trust.

5.Energy – The passion, energy, and creativity of the influencer are key factors in influencing and persuading the followers. If the influencer is not passionate about what they are promoting, followers will lose interest. The campaign will soon fizzle out as well.

Influencer marketing is aimed at creating brand awareness and reaching maximum potential customers in a relatively shorter time. Influencers are key opinion leaders and they have a considerable social media following. Brands wish to capitalize on these 2 factors and partner with them to create awareness about their brand and increase sales.

Influencer marketing includes various strategies and activities to achieve the following

  • Building brand awareness and strengthening brand image.
  • Share information and answer queries about the brand.
  • Create excitement and the need to use the brand.
  • Creating a community of users/followers.
  • Engage and manage this community.
  • Improving sales of the brand.

The 3 main goals of influencer marketing are

  • Create brand awareness
  • Create community engagement and
  • Contribute to an increase in sales.

It is difficult to outline an influencer strategy that works best. Or one that works for all brands. Each brand needs a custom strategy based on the target market and the marketing goals.

However, there are a few steps that are helpful when you are building an influencer marketing campaign.

  • Defining the target audience – Identify the key pockets that you want to reach and identify the persona of this target group.
  • Deciding on a sufficient budget – Based on the campaign goals, decide on a budget that is sufficient to carry out the various activities.
  • Choose the campaign type – Define the scope of your campaign and the type of campaign that you want to use.
  • Choose the platforms to use – You may not need all the social media platforms or your campaign may center around just one. Be clear about which ones to use.
  • Identify the influencer (s) – Identify influencers whose personality and image align with what your brand stands for.
  • Roll out the campaign – Create some noise and energy and build a sense of curiosity around the campaign.
  • Track results – Track responses on key goals.
  • Make changes to the campaign if required – If your campaign or part of it is not working, make changes as soon as possible so that you achieve the campaign goals.

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