AJ ROOFINGS - Going Digital and Soaring Above the Competition!

Client : AJ ROOFINGS – Your Roof, Our Promise!


In Trivandrum, where everyone seeks shelter from the coastal elements, AJ ROOFINGS has been a trusted name in the roofing game. But, despite their stellar reputation, they knew they could reach even greater heights. That's where our digital marketing agency came in, ready to make AJ ROOFINGS the talk of the town – or should we say, the talk of the terrace!

Case Studies


1. Local Legends, Global Dreams: AJ ROOFINGS was a startup company on 2022, but they aspired to expand their reach and become the go-to roofers across Trivandrum and beyond.

2.Roofing Variety: From repairs to installations, AJ ROOFINGS offered a plethora of roofing services, each requiring its own slice of the marketing pie.

3.Surrounded by Competitors: Like shingles on a rooftop, competitors were everywhere. Our challenge was to make AJ ROOFINGS stand out in this competitive landscape.

Strategy and Execution

1. Website Facelift:

- Created their website a fresh lick of digital paint, making it sleek, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive.

- Added easy-to-navigate sections for their different services, a gallery of past projects, and all the contact info a customer could dream of.

- Locked it down with SSL for that extra security oomph!

2. Local SEO and Google My Business ( GMB ):

- Sprinkled some local SEO magic on their GMB listings and website, making sure they'd pop up when Trivandrum residents needed roofing help.

- Perfected the art of local keyword research to get AJ ROOFINGS noticed.

3. Content For Days:

- Decked out their blog with juicy articles about common roofing problems, nifty solutions, and a dash of maintenance advice.

- Cooked up case studies showcasing their top-notch roofing projects.

- Topped it all with some sweet on-page SEO goodness.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Pizzazz:

- Flipped the switch on targeted PPC campaigns via Google Ads & Facebook Ads, making sure the world knew AJ ROOFINGS was open for business.

- Harnessed ad extensions to showcase their wide array of roofing services and special deals.

- Kept things fresh with regular A/B testing to see what tickled customers' fancy.

5. Social Media Buzz:

- Gave their Facebook and Instagram pages a digital facelift, making them shine with project photos and insightful roofing content.

- Kept the community engaged with polls, contests, and knowledge nuggets about roofs.


Website Traffic and Conversions: The snazzy new website saw a 40% surge in organic traffic in just six months, bringing in a 25% boost in service inquiries.

Case Studies

Local SEO Triumph: AJ ROOFINGS snagged first-page rankings for multiple local roofing service keywords, making them the rooftop rulers of Trivandrum.

Case Studies

PCC Process: The PPC campaigns ushered in a 35% uptick in leads, leading to a 20% surge in local service inquiries.

Social Media Stardom: Social media engagement doubled, and follower counts skyrocketed by a smashing 50% in the first quarter.

Case Studies

Local Legends Reinforced: The PPC campaigns ushered in a 35% uptick in leads, leading to a 20% surge in local service inquiries.


Our digital marketing team turned AJ ROOFINGS into the shining star of Trivandrum's roofing scene. The remarkable growth in website traffic, engagement rates, and service inquiries showcased the impact of our digital magic. Today, AJ ROOFINGS is the first name that pops up when someone mentions roofs in Trivandrum, and they're expanding their territory one project at a time. This informal case study is proof that strategic digital marketing can take any local legend to soaring new heights!