Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses to Survive COVID -19 IMPACT?

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Across globe the impact of COVID-19 on every business domain are not in a stage of prediction and how the consumer buying behaviour and habitual changes also in dilemma. The future is still uncertain and how we all are going to impact is in darkness, on the onset, its highly imperative to think and plan your marketing investments and digital marketing budget.

Consumer behaviour pattern changing and individual industries impact are the major areas to be considered when planning of the future advertisement campaigns and digital marketing strategies. Across the globe every business is going to depend upon the new media marketing concepts and the need of developing a proper digital marketing strategy is becoming inevitable to sustain in the market. To be more precise, the future is for those business peoples who understands the need of digital marketing for making in through the tough times ahead.

Digital Marketing Tips/Strategies for Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

One successful little step gives you the courage to take another, and that one makes a difference, too. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Across the globe everybody is in dilemma due to the impact of COVID-19, all are anxious, but apart from all this, the worst part is not doing anything and simply waiting for the tide to be over, which includes your digital marketing strategy. There are lot of simple things which you can do continue your consistent online activities which can help you creating positive results even during this potential downtime. Few of digital marketing strategies to help your SEO, and your business , 

 Few recommendations as follows:

You Can Do .

Update your business hours on your listing ‣ Engage your profile with a Google Post explaining how your business is changing due to COVID-19 and its impact ‣ Contact Google My Business support to mark your business as “Temporarily Closed”.Its always better and advisable for local businesses to regularly update the Google My Business page, when “nearby” or “near me” searches are common nowadays.

You Should Not Do . .


Changing of your listing name to show you are closed. ‣ Never put your setting as “Permanently Closed” ‣ Putting wrong information

Give more focus on Customer Service and ORM activities

These slog periods should be effectively use for increasing your online branding and to enhance your online reputation to the best. Several international brands are having content hubs to project their brands to general public and thus achieving branding. We can create blogs, posts and lot of general awareness things and should be engaged online on a regular basis.

This is the right time which everybody should make use to project their strengths and what all specific services they are doing for their clients and to focus to project the positive image in the online space with professional Online Reputation Management activities.

Be ready with answers for every Google searchers

Now when outside movements got restricted, peoples got glued to online and lot of peoples are using Google more than usual. We should be ready in our website with answers for what most of them searching in Google. With this you are indirectly getting an opportunity to increase SERP ranking and be at the top of Google search and then it will lead to inbound organic reach and more business.

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Google Ads Campaign for more effectiveness

This period there will be a drop in business for every domain and the best way to anticipate this drop in business is to initiate Google Ads Campaign. Both Google and Facebook Ads will give more positive leads and your expected revenue dip can be maintained to survive this COVID period.

Professional setting of Google and FB Ads can reach your targeted clients and they will know that you are still active and they will contact you for their needs. This is one of the best and cheaper way to reach your target persona during this period. Apart from that, we can use these advertisements to promote discounts and other offers to attract the customers and engage them and prevent your revenue drop.

Utilize Social Media

This is a time when people are using and spending more time on all social media platforms and this is a very high potential opportunity for every business, we need to explore all the possibilities and use social media channels to be in touch with the potential clients on a regular basis.

Thru effective using of social media, you can update information about all your services to your client base and potential target segment. Social media platforms are the best and cheaper alternative to create wide awareness and branding for your services during this pandemic period and thus ensure your business will not get affected much.


“I personally find several peoples stopping their online activities since business is not happening due to COVID impact, at the same time, there are peoples who exploring new avenues and other possibilities to enhance their business and they only going to survive this global impact of COVID-19. You have to go for it, you need to leave your comfortable zone and explore more to get the best out of online media in multiple ways and that is the real need of the current situation. ”

DR. Girish Krishnan

Director & Strategy Consultant.


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