Creative Digital Marketing for Today…

Today every entrepreneur wants to be active on the new media and started identifying digital marketing companies for the same and converted their traditional marketing budget to online media. But the question is about the need of change to be adapted according to changes in online marketing trends. The trends shifted, what worked out effectively six months back will not be effective today as the buying behavior and mass psychology is always dynamic.

The focus of every entrepreneur will be their ROI and that reason the number of leads we could accumulate and the productive customers we could attract are the lifeblood of the business. For that we need to develop multiple channels using inbound marketing tactics and that only will end is getting effective results for your online marketing investments.

Unlike yester years, where lead generation is possible by mass marketing techniques, today your ability to create leads comes from creating a personal brand to those niche segments by inbound marketing. The GACCD approach of GET FOUND, ATTRACTS, CONVERT, CLOSE & DELIGHT is having high relevance in online marketing and certain steps for the same are detailed below.

Marketing strategy is where we play and how we win in the market. Tactics are how we then deliver on the strategy and execute for success.

Mark Ritson

1. Be on target PERSONA

Generating leads is not what today’s demand, but generating productive leads with maximum conversion ratio is the solution needed. In previous years those with the biggest list of leads used to dominate that business, but future demands greater intimacy and relevance.

The exercise starts with defining the client PERSONA, which is defining the target niche by understanding the business and type of existing clients, prospect clients and those who falls in the bracket of your product/service. After that thru proper segmentization and filtration we need to reach the right clients and develop more productive leads which can be converted to business.

Such target PERSONA based online business strategy only will be successful now and that only could develop productive leads for your business and increase the profitability of your business.

2. Be on the limelight

Always need to be in the limelight and need to catch the attention of your target PERSONA if you want to win the online promotion strategy.

How effectively you can bring your products for engaging your target clients again and again and make them attract towards the same is the need of the hour. Remarketing tools,  filter bubbling strategy, PERSONA based campaign strategy and like that several steps can be incorporated to ensure the attention of your clients, otherwise, you lose your ability to compete with your competition.

Spending money for spreading your information is not enough, it should reach the right people multiple times and get their attention and once you could capture their attention, their loyalty and business are assured.

3. Be like an insurance agent.

Be in office or home or super market or any where below the sun, you will get encounter with one or other insurance agent who will be promising a great secured life for your family….. But sadly after your death only!!!

You may like him or not but he appear to be everywhere with a smile and offering life security in various dimensions, this is his success and the ability to reach the masses is really appreciable.

The same applies in online marketing also, always be present to your target clients in every online platform offering your solution. You should have clear strategy to appear before those leads most relevant to you in multiple times thru multiple online channels and results in creating awareness for the clients, build trust and which in turn will change to business.

4. Be on multiple platform for effectiveness.

Nowadays content posting in single online platform is not enough to gain online presence and to generate more leads; we need to be present in all possible online platforms and that only will be an effective online strategy.

The leads coming from your FACEBOOK will not be the same of that in LINKEDIN, likewise it will be different in YouTube, Twitter etc. On the onset the best solution is to repurpose your content across multiple online platforms by avoiding canonical issue of the content.

A single video can be repurposed into a blog post, an in-depth article, a podcast episode etc. Further the same content can be used into an email series, social media posts in every social media platforms.

5. Emerging dynamic market funnel.

Days are gone where you can count on your developed marketing funnel and step by step process till closing of the business, today the whole scenario changed due to the change in buying behavior and accordingly we need to have a dynamic market funnel.

Beyond a standard market funnel, you need to emerge to have a dynamic online market funnel of your loyal online followers who trust you and want to do business with you in the long run, for that you need to feed your audience with relevant content at the right time after analyzing their current level of awareness and engagement mode. That way you can build the trust of your client PERSONA and that would in turn results in business and growth.

6. Think beyond Sales

Lead Generation alone should not be the focus, need to understand the importance of online branding.

The futuristic digital marketing companies will be doing more of a cumulative approach and doing a consultants job for their clients, it’s basically to add values to their digital marketing spend by developing proper strategy by which the client will get organic leads and could build their brand in the online media.

In the future clients who understand the need of brand awareness thru online marketing above the need of only lead generation will be enjoying success, since they only will be nurturing their audience and not just trying to sell only.

Lead generation for sales is having importance but for that pestering client by forcing one sales message after another on them will not yield expected results and sometimes it will have negative impact also. But by making use of proper branding strategy and spending money for online branding, we can build customer trust and gain their loyalty and which will turn to business and increase in ROI.

7. Strategies For Success.

The formula for online marketing differs for every industry and products and accordingly need to develop an online strategy for each segment for effective results and ROI.

A good digital marketing company empowers brands and businesses to achieve their true potential by the methodology of ADAPT, STRATEGY and EXECUTE.

This methodology comprises of understanding the business nature of the client, analyzing the market scenario and competition, develop a strategy align with the clients goal of the business, then realization of existing challenges, develop a proper online strategy as solution and finally implementing the same for success.